During the winter months when the Heritage Fencing team slow down with fence and land work they keep themselves busy, keeping our firewood customers warm with deliveries of logs!

We only sell quality seasoned hardwood logs, responsibly sourced from the forestry commission. Loose loads or bags of logs are available.

After we take delivery of the cordwood it is processed into logs which are stored undercover in an open barn to ensure the right environment for the seasoning and drying process, we pride ourselves on only selling dry seasoned logs that will burn efficiently. Well seasoned logs should have a moisture content of less than 20%

Our loads of firewood include a mixture of hardwood logs, including; beech, birch, ash, sycamore and oak. As different hardwoods have different burning qualities, a mixed load of logs will give you a good fire with a choice of logs depending on what sort of fire you want, do you want a fire with a good flame or a hot, glowing, slow burning fire?

Ash is considered one of the best woods to burn and can be burnt when not fully seasoned, although we have found that well seasoned beech burns just as well as ash. Birch burns well but more quickly than ash and beech. Really well seasoned oak logs burn long and slow with good heat output so is great for keeping your fire ‘in’ on a long winters evening. Sycamore burns well with a good flame but not as much heat output as ash and beech.

We can cut logs to specific sizes if required if you have a particularly large or small wood burner or fire, please call or contact us to discuss.

Deliveries can usually be made within a couple of days but we do get really busy if it turns cold so please call in plenty of time to book your slot!

David has a real passion for wood so is more than happy to discuss the merits of different types of logs, just give him a  call or drop us a line.